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Commercial Photography

When shooting real estate photography it’s about speed and efficiency.. Getting in and out of the property as quickly as possible while telling the unique story of the entire property.

When shooting commercial photography we slow things down.. It’s all about the photo. We shoot tethered on-site carefully inspecting every aspect of the shot working with stylists & designers making it just right. We use various lens allowing us to capture different angles, we spend more time setting up lights to create more dramatic effects and completely control the light to give each photograph a perfect feel. It just doesn’t stop there, post-processing is an art form in itself, we spend much more time making sure the colour is perfect and accurate and remove colour casts, blemishes and unwanted artifacts from the images.

It just doesn’t stop there, post-processing is an art form in itself, our real estate shoots are mostly outsourced. For our commercial images, we spend hours per images making sure each and every photo is perfect. Making sure the colour is accurate removing colour cast, blemishes, unwanted artifacts, finger prints, smudges, contractor defects, removal of cords, lights, switches etc..

Day rate starting at 1100

Half day rate starting at 600

Evening rate starting at 600


Advanced editing/additional editing requests $60/hr

Commercial image licensing typically ranges between 25/image to 200/image depending on usage/resolution